Training at Higham – Revised

In-line with Government, League and FA Guidance – Last updated 21/07

Since the 12th June we have seen football return to Lancaster Park, but not fully.   Week in, week out, we have had strict rules up at the club and its been fantastic to see all the parents and coaches keep within the restrictions.  Thank you.

Finally, after just over a month, the FA have now released new guidelines to ease the restrictions and allow more “normal” football activities.   We have revised the guidelines below which will be in effect as of the 19/07.

Key information

  • Training will be done during the weekend.
  • Training will be done in 1-hour slots,  8 teams per hour maximum.
  • Multiple slots can be booked back-to-back.
  • There will be a 15 minute gap between team rotations.
  • Groups are no longer limited to 5 players.
  • No club equipment will be available or shared.  Equipment supplied and kept by the team.
  • Toilets will be limited to 1 person (for each gender) at any time and fully cleaned before each training day.
  • Hand washing facilities will be provided along with Anti-bac stations.

Key Rules

  • Tackling can occur, however, this should still be kept to a minimum where possible
  • During downtime, players should be kept apart.
  • Players are encouraged to not touch equipment or the ball at any time (unless GK, with gloves)
  • Goalkeepers should have their gloves sprayed with a disinfectant prior to starting the session and at the end.
  • Equipment should be cleaned prior to the session.
  • Players will use a ball each, no sharing balls, equipment or water bottles
  • Parents to keep distance at all times, please do not linger at the cafe and do not enter the grass fields.
  • Players are not allowed to attend if they or anybody in their household has had symptoms within the 14 days prior.
  • No spitting, chewing gum or food on site.
  • Arrive at the ground fully changed and ready, no changing rooms will be open.
  • Consider if training is a priority if living with anybody vulnerable or if the player has underlying health issues.
  • Players and coaches are to anti-bac hands prior and post-training (will be provided).
  • Only registered players may train with the team (or those on trial).
  • Consent forms must still be completed for anybody new – click here

If a player, team or coach is seen to ignore the rules on multiple occasions, they may not be permitted to join training until further notice.

General Queries

  • How do we book a slot?

    This can only be done by the coach, all they will need to do is contact our club sec who will note down the slot they wish to have (8 slots per hour).   Please remembers these are special times, we may not be able to get the time/day you really want but i am sure we can rotate as we go forward.  This should only be temporary whilst we find out feet.

    On the day the site will be broken into 8 areas, it will be these areas that each team should keep within to ensure distance.

  • Will weekdays open up for training?

    Now that rules have eased, we will continue to run our training at the weekends.  This has been decided so we can ensure control.  If we find that all teams do well and continue to show rules will be followed, we will then open up weekday training.

    We will also be looking to distribute kits to players prior to weekday training.

  • Can a coach administer first-aid?

    Yes, first-aid can now be administered by the coach directly.  Hand-sanitizer must be used prior and post any first-aid.

  • Do we need to pay subs?

    As of July, all players must have paid subs and membership fee.   Subs should be paid via standing order, however, the registration fee can be paid within the cafe using card.

    If you need to catch up on a payment i.e July and then set the standing order from august, you can pay the July subs at the cafe.