Passing Technical

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Session Details

  • Players
  • 4 or more
  • Duration
  • 2 – 5 minute sets
  • Area Size
  • 15 m / 15 m or more


Half the players have a ball whilst the other half dont.  The players have to pass with the below objectives;

  • Pass to every player.
  • Pass to a different colour only.
  • Pass to a certian colour only.
  • Pass within a time limit (for example 3 seconds to pass once taking a touch)
  • Pass within a certian amount of touches
  • Without letting the ball stop.
  • Without the player stopping.

Progression Point

Set up a cone in each corner of the session, for every pass, the player then has to run around the nearest cone and back into the session before they can join back in.

Key Points

  • Not using toes.
  • Hed up looking for players/the best option to play to.
  • ‘Radar’ (knowing where players are around you).
  • Predicting where players will be.
  • Getting into a space.
  • Calling for the ball.
  • Pass with the inside of the foot.
  • Using different types of passes (reverse, short, long, driven, in the air etc).

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