Dribbling Technical

Higham Town F.C. Coaching Resources

Session Details

  • Players
  • 2 or more
  • Duration
  • 2 – 5 minute sets
  • Area Size
  • 10 m / 10 m or more


Players dribble in the area with different objectives:

  • Use certian feet/parts of the foot.
  • Change speed/direction every couple of touches.
  • Take a certain amount of big touches followed by a set amount of small touches.
  • Take ‘double touches’ (2 touches on the ball without that foot touching the ground).
  • Master certain skills/turns.
  • Beat other players in the area (everyone has a ball).

Key Points

  • Not using toes.
  • Head up looking for space.
  • ‘Radar’ (knowing where players are around you).
  • Predicting where space/players will be.

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