Club Activities are Suspended

On advice from the British Government concerning COVID-19
LAST UPDATED 04/01/2021

With the government announcement regarding stage 5 and national lockdown, we have taken the decision to suspend all football activities and close our site until further notice.

Higham Town F.C. takes your safety seriously and will always act on official advice.   We have decided to completely shut down operations so that we can ensure the best possible control measures in line with this guidance.   This will mean that for the time being there will be no training nor any club based activities until further notice.

General rules put in place by Higham Town F.C. as of 9pm 04/01/2021;

  • All games league or friendlies are not permitted
  • NO Training to be undertaken either on or off-site of Lancaster Park.
  • Coaches to stand down with any football activities and/or team social events.
  • Lancaster Park will be closed to players, parents or coaches.  Committee only.

Failure to follow these rules may result in suspension or rejection from the club permanently. 

Common Questions

  • How long will this suspension last?

    Currently, we do not know, however, we do plan to review our position the moment lockdown is eased.

  • Do i still need to pay monthly subs?

    Obviously, as a grassroots club, our revenue for subs is important to keep us operational.  However, we understand the financial pressures of this current climate and the fact the players will no longer have any training or games until future notice.   Payment of subs will be your own discretion, it is helpful to us but we are happy for them to be suspended.

    Remember, the standing order payment can’t be cancelled by us, you need to do it.

  • Can the lads go to the park and train?

    Not officially and we do not recommend this at all.   Firstly, no child should be seen to be training in higham attire nor should a coach be involved in any capacity.  This not only invalidates our insurance, it would also put the club at risk of serious sanctions along with coach FA disciplinary.

  • What happens to the club, can you survive?

    The club will continue!, we have a very active committee and we share multiple roles.   We will be keeping in regular contact and we have always run our football club with good financial sense.  This means we have adequate backup funds to continue operation.  Since the last few lockdowns we have used the time to ensure maximum efficiency regarding any overheads, and shall continue to do so.

  • How do i raise question or report unofficial training activities.

    We will always do are best to give you all the information you may need, however you may have a question we have not covered.   Incidentally, you may be concerned about a coach who is not following advice and wish to report it.   Do contact us on this subject, please email Carole on