Shooting & Finishing Technical / Skill

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Session Details

  • Players
  • 6
  • Duration
  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • Area Size
  • 20m / 20m


Two strikers have to score as many goals as possible from the five chances they get. The reads and the goalkeeper have to try and stop them and get the ball out of the area. Only one defender drops out the area and the strickers run and get one of the other balls. As soon s the strikers touch that ball then the next defender can come in. After 5 swap the attackers over and reset/repeat.


  • Start with defenders only pressuring (no tackling) (tech).
  • Add another defender.

Key Points

  • Finishing tech.
  • Shooting tech.
  • Quick shots/passing.
  • Strickers movement (follow up shots, open up space for outside players to shoot, bindside runs etc).

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