Dribbling Technical / Skill

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Session Details

  • Players
  • 2
  • Duration
  • 5 – 10 minutes
  • Area Size
  • 8m / 8m


  1. Players can not go into the triangle and must stay near the outside. One player is the chaser while the other is trying to get away.  Swap over each someone gets tagged. Both players have a ball.
  2. One player is in the triangle without a ball while the other is on the outside with a ball. The player with the ball has to try and get through the triangle without getting tackled by the defender to score.  If they get tackled then the players swap roles.
  3. Both players are inside the triangle with one ball. The player at the end of the time limit with the ball wins. If a player kicks it out then the other player gets the ball.

Key Points

  • Change speed and direction to beat/trick the defender.
  • Use certian skills.
  • Small, quick touches on the ball.
  • Look for space/gaps.
  • Use body to keep the other player away from the ball (shielding technique: ball far side, body side on to see both player and ball, if the other player steps one way, roll the ball the other etc).

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Dribbling Technical / Skill