Defending Unbalanced Technical & Skill 3 v 3

Higham Town F.C. Coaching Resources

Session Details

  • Players
  • 6 or more
  • Duration
  • 10 – 15 minutes
  • Area Size
  • 25m / 25m


3 v 3 with the defending team having 2 defenders and a goalkeeper and the attacking team having 3 attackers. The goalkeeper starts by throwing the ball out to the attackers.  The attackers have to score while the defending have to stop them to score a point. If the defending can counter attacker and get over the attackers starting line then they get double points. If it goes out then start the game again.


  • Can start with only pressure (no tackling)
  • Have a defender that starts on the attacker line who can only come in after 5 seconds of play
  • Defending team have to play to target player on the attackers starting line

Key Points

  • Jockeying technique
  • Slow the attacker down
  • Create 1 v 1 by showing the attacker away from the other attacker (cut off early by curving run)
  • When to win the ball (after big touch, mistake etc)
  • Communication
  • If the ball is central, dont pressure too high as this will leave 1 option open, be patient
  • In the penalty area / 6 yard box the goalkeeper has to act as a third defender and be ready to come out to claim the ball.

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