Defending from the front (2 Strikers / High Pressure)

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Session Details

  • Players
  • 8 or more
  • Duration
  • 10 minutes
  • Area Size
  • 25m / 25m


Reds have to try and score in the two red goals. Blues have to try and stop them/win the ball/try and score in the main goal. If blues win the ball then they have only 10 seconds to score (quick transition to push session topic).

Key Points

  • (When ball is with CB) Closest striker puts pressure on the CB while the other striker gets into a position where the bal can’t be passed into the CMs and close enough to the other CB to put immediate pressure/steal the ball.
  • (When ball is with FB) Cloest striker puts presure via a curved run to block off the pass backwards to the CB (forcing the play down the line/into players). Furthest striker drops into prevent the pass into the middle of the pitch/CMs.
  • Midfielders pull across to make area compact
  • Communication (both verbal and visual i.e trigger points)
  • Defending technique

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