Higham Town F.C. – Player Registration (Adult Teams)

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Registering for Higham Town F.C.

Player Sign-on Fee
Sign on fee for season 2024/2025 is £30.00.

Please Note: If you have already signed up to the club via youth (under 18’s only), you do not need to pay for sign-on.

Payment of the registration fee can be done in two ways.  Either bank transfer (using the details below) which is our preferred method.  Or you can pay in the club cafe via card.  Please note, that you will not be registered to a team or eligible to play league games.

Payment Details
Higham Town Colts Football Club / Account: 23223901  and Sort Code: 54-41-05 , please ensure you put your full name and (ADULT) as the payment reference.

The data submitted will be used for registering with The FA and League. It will not be passed on to any other party.

This form is submitted via a secure connection. Data is handled and stored in accordance with current GDPR practices.

Player Registration Form

Any items with an * at the end of the heading, are mandatory.  If you click on submit below and it does not do anything, this may mean you have not answered mandatory items above (which will show in red, if missed).